Constantin Luft

I am a legal scholar and analytic philosopher currently based in Berlin where I am employed as a research associate at Humboldt University, Chair for Private Law, Business Law, and Law & Economics (Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wagner, LL.M. (Chicago)). My research interests in both areas are broad, but lie mainly in general jurisprudence, private law theory, and contemporary metaphilosophy.

After studying law and philosophy at the University of Münster, I have been a visiting PhD researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Legal History and Legal Theory in Frankfurt (Department Multidisciplinary Legal Theory) and at the Philosophy Department in St Andrews (ARCHÉ, Philosophical Research Centre for Logic, Language, Metaphysics, and Epistemology). During the 2024/2025 academic year, I will be a visiting scholar at NYU in New York.

For now, I am mostly thinking about legal concepts and conceptual engineering as well as working on a PhD project with the tentative title Designing Demise: A Theory of Posthumous Rights.